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Anatomy of a Framejob: “Everybody Hates Nancy”

Quick, try to remember when you realized you hate Nancy Pelosi. Did you hear everyone hated her before you even knew who she was? The invented lie that everybody hates Nancy is the handiwork of uber-propagandist Frank Luntz, one of … Continue reading

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Change Hearts First to Change Minds on Climate Crisis

David Leonhardt of the New York Times asked his readers what I believe is the most important question about America’s resistance to the threat of climate change: What would a more persuasive message about climate change sound like? I would … Continue reading

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How the Left Can Keep From Tearing Itself Apart This Time

No one needs to remind left-leaning people what’s at stake so I won’t go into the horrors of the current Republican administration. But like many long-term activists, I’ve seen the GOP get ahead because the left can’t stop splitting itself … Continue reading

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