Deep Strategy

Deep Strategy: How to Fight the Radical Right

What We’re Up Against
Radical right billionaires’ 50-year war on liberal government–American HYDRA
Endgame: To enact their extreme vision of a world with no restraint on corporatism

Liberal and conservative frames, values

The boring economic debate at the heart of our bloodiest battles
Free markets vs. the mixed economy
Free market economy–businesses operating with little gov’t or regulatory constraint
Mixed Economy–Free enterprise tempered by strong government oversight
What happens when capitalism is unrestrained

How They Did It:
Assessed how liberalism had become so powerful
Organized, devised countermoves
Business to get more involved in politics, academia, law, setting public policy
Create massive conservative infrastructure in all areas of life

Phase One
Foundations and think tanks to write the new narrative
Use marketing, psychology to sell ideology
Use conservative frames all the time, in all communication
Publish and broadcast widely, across all media
Undermine expertise, scientists, media, liberalism
Influence law to be friendly to corporate interests
Establish beachheads in colleges
Groom young conservatives through the infrastructure
Weaponize the culture wars
Relentlessly attack and blame Democrats

Phase Two
Dark money–Citizens United
Suppress voting–the more people who vote, the more the Dems win
Gutting Voting Rights Act
Voter intimidation and suppression
Disenfranchising felons

Phase Three
Obstruct the functioning of the government
Cripple congressional norms, act in bad faith
Anticipate criticism from the left, accuse them first
Cut off funding sources for Democrats
Stack judiciary with conservatives, steal SCOTUS
Shock doctrine: using disasters to instill free markets
Deregulate banks and Wall Street
Use government to dismantle government
Profitize and privatize the public sector
Redistribute wealth and power

How We Fight Back
1. Mindset
a. Nothing is happening now that hasn’t happened before
b. You’re either working with human psychology or it’s working against you
c. People don’t do what they should, they do what they do
d. Know your own beliefs, learn to recognize friend from foe
e. Do you want to be righteous or do you want to be effective?
f. Study past social justice movements for fails, wins

Past strategies that rocked
Local groups of highly organized people who planned ahead, were pro-active, focused on specific, reachable goals, connected to mainstream power when needed, civic activism
Bill Clinton’s campaign
Let go of past strategies that no longer apply
Doing what makes you feel better in the moment but has no long-term strategic value
Shouting down opponents means no one can hear you either-persuade instead
Be careful of the hard left–you can be anti-authority while still being authoritarian
Economic purists vs. economic royalists

Concrete Steps
Consciousness raising, your own and others
Plug in where you feel called
Strategic empathy: understand conservative beliefs, anticipate GOP strategy
Analyze how Trump dominates the media cycle, respond strategically, not reactively
Pre-emptive messaging and action
Shrewd consumer activism–brand jamming
Re-create the right’s successful tactics when applicable
Reverse the right’s damage to the idea of government
Elections are contests of stories. The right build narratives, not facts. What’s our story?
The Citizen’s Communication Network–spread the word