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The Twelve Insights to Understanding Political Psychology

I began this journey of political discovery, like so many people, just about three years ago, when Trump was the GOP candidate and Hillary was flying high in the polls. I felt mostly certain Hillary would win, but something nagged … Continue reading

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American HYDRA: What the Left Are Really Up Against

If you feel like there’s a plot to take over the world by a cabal of supervillains from the Marvel universe, you’re not crazy. There are groups of radical right billionaires working feverishly even now to end American liberal democracy … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Framejob: “Everybody Hates Nancy”

Quick, try to remember when you realized you hate Nancy Pelosi. Did you hear everyone hated her before you even knew who she was? The invented lie that everybody hates Nancy is the handiwork of uber-propagandist Frank Luntz, one of … Continue reading

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Decoding the Trump Master Narrative

It’s been another week of bizarre, controversial tweets. Another week of Trump saying something outrageous and almost starting a war somewhere, possibly here in America. Another week of the press, pundits, activists, talk show hosts, and religious leaders expressing this: … Continue reading

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March on Colorado Presents Women’s Summit in Denver Oct. 28

I’m honored to have been asked by the Women’s Summit to give a presentation on progressive messaging. Please join me and hundreds of others connected to the Women’s March for a day of activism and connection. WHAT: Women’s Summit Event … Continue reading

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Punching Nazis and the Constitution: It’s Complicated

So you’re thinking about punching a nazi and you’re pretty sure it’s okay because they’re inciting you to violence with their nazi ways and you’re protected under the Constitution. Quick question: Who gets to decide what is and what is … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Patriot, or How I Learned to Love the Flag

In a February article in The Atlantic, conservative David Frum gave some advice to the Resistance, an example of the strange alliances that have sprung up since Trump. Frum is a Never Trump-er and he wanted to let left-wing activists … Continue reading

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