American HYDRA: What the Left Are Really Up Against

If you feel like there’s a plot to take over the world by a cabal of supervillains from the Marvel universe, you’re not crazy. There are groups of radical right billionaires working feverishly even now to end American liberal democracy as we know it.

They’ve gone by many names over the centuries. Wall Street fat cats, economic royalists, robber barons. Today we call them archconservatives, the far right, disaster capitalists, and, simply, the GOP.

Call them American HYDRA. Either the Marvel Universe group of alien-influenced fascists or the many-headed creature from mythology will work. This relentless consortium of the world’s most powerful billionaires is intent on controlling all the sources of power in the known universe. Media. Education. The judiciary. The presidency. Congress. Businesses. Local politics. The internet. Where you shop. How much you earn. Who can vote.

Many are from old-money families and have inherited fortunes. Some are newly rich. All are intent on keeping their riches and accumulating even more.

To understand their plan, go back fifty years to the late 60s. Liberalism and radicalism appeared to be everywhere, invading the colleges, pop culture, government and some businesses. What was a traditional conservative to do?

Lewis Powell

Enter archconservative Lewis Powell, soon to be named to the Supreme Court by Richard Nixon. In 1971, he wrote a manifesto, “Attack on American Free Enterprise System.”

Powell clarified the urgency of the liberal take-over of American institutions and came up with a detailed plan to take them back. Even though not everyone saw the memo, the plan he came up with launched a movement that thrives today.


The conservative infrastructure is everywhere:

  • In the election influencing of the oil-and-gas magnates Charles and David Koch.
  • In the right-wing propaganda machine of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire and his star achievement Fox News.
  • In the mentoring program of The Leadership Institute that boasts of grooming over 190,000 young conservatives into soldiers to protect “free enterprise.”
  • In the public policy centers that produce massive amounts of scholarly and popular articles supporting the libertarian principles of Ayn Rand and radical free-marketeer Milton Friedman.
  • In the American Legislative Exchange Council, writing and promoting laws to further conservative interests.
  • And notably, in the “new American lexicon” of the pied piper of GOP propaganda, Frank Luntz. Barely a day goes by when most of us don’t speak his words and spread his ideas.

So when Democrats win more of the popular vote but don’t get to serve, that’s one of HYDRA’s ugly heads rearing.

When the GOP steal a Supreme Court seat and force in a conservative who will do their bidding, look to the machinations of HYDRA.

When unions disappear every day, there’s HYDRA.

When mass shootings happen every week and our GOP government doesn’t change a thing, HYDRA again.

When pharmaceutical companies raise their prices on life-saving medicine 1000% overnight and there’s no one to stop them, that’s HYDRA.

When public lands are sold to oil and gas even as climate crisis intensifies, HYDRA.

The list goes on. This revolution of billionaires is infiltrating every aspect of our lives. We’re in the third act, near the climax, of a movie that’s been playing in secret for half a century. No one yet knows the ending. Many of us are waking up very late in the story into our worst nightmare of needing to respond but having no idea what’s going on.

Let’s start with understanding what we’re really up against. It’s not mainstream media. It’s not the Democrats. It’s not each other. It’s not even all traditional conservatives. It’s American HYDRA, and they’re way ahead of us.

But this movie isn’t over. The ending isn’t set. Stay tuned for more insights into how HYDRA operates–and how we stop them.

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