The Real Fraud is Voter Suppression and the GOP Have Been Doing It For Years

Instead of getting distracted by more propaganda from the right, stay focused on the need to stop the GOP from suppressing Democratic voters.
1) End the electoral college. One person, one vote. This can only be done by amending the Constitution and the GOP are never going to give up their main advantage in winning national elections. Vote blue and insist Congress eliminate the archaic practice of the failed electoral college.
2) No more gerrymandering–voting districts should be set by an independent, bipartisan panel, not by the winning party.
3) Restore the Voting Rights Act, the dismantling of which by a conservative Congress and Supreme Court opened the way to denying hundreds of thousands the right to vote in the last election.
4) Eliminate state voting restrictions on people serving time or on parole for felonies. This unconstitutional practice has been a way for the GOP to suppress voting for decades, and it should be discontinued at a national level.
5) Everyone is automatically registered when they turn eighteen. This would help curtail making some voters jump through hoops at the whim of the states.
6) Make voting day a national holiday or change it to Sundays.
7) Offer early voting and paper ballot voting, both of which have been shown to increase the numbers of voters and decrease the risk of potential voting machine tampering.
8) Reasonable accommodations should be made for the number of polling places and how to get to them.

Our democracy has been failing to reflect the will of the people for a long time now, instead reflecting the will of the people in power. Make these changes and see how many more Democrats win when more people are allowed to vote.

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