Reasons to Vote for Democrats–The Real Edition

At the risk of being accused of having no sense of humor, I’d like to fill in the blanks in the blank gag book that’s an Amazon bestseller. Here are just a few of the myriad reasons to vote for Democrats.

Cities: Most of America’s big cities swing left and Democratic mayors have been a vocal force against the heartless Trump/GOP agenda. Most city dwellers know diversity is strength and the Democrats celebrate diversity rather than using it as a wedge to create fear.

Democracy: Democrats love democracy and why wouldn’t they? When more people vote, Democrats win. If it weren’t for the Electoral College, that antiquated holdover from the American Republic, four of the last four presidents would have been Dems. The Democrats were primarily responsible for the Voting Rights Act (which the GOP gutted) and they continue to fight conservative efforts to gerrymander and obstruct the right of all Americans to vote.

Empathy: One of the reasons people are liberal is they feel a great deal of empathy for others, even those not in their immediate circle. Example: Donald Trump speeding away from his wife at his inauguration, leaving her alone, and then both Obama and Michelle putting a hand on Melania’s back for support while walking beside her.

Good government: You might think I’m kidding after all, but nope. One of the greatest achievements of the conservative war on government has been to convince the people who benefit most from a strong public sector that it’s evil and out to get them. Government should provide for the common good: that is, those aspects of life that aren’t covered effectively by a free market and investors trying to make a profit. When Democrats call the shots, good government functions for the common good.

The Planet: Dems keep fighting for clean air and water. The GOP gives us climate change deniers, Flint MI, and slashing oversight agencies like the EPA.

Policies: Democratic policies help the majority of Americans every single time we let them get into power long enough to enact them.

Protection: The social safety net, including Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, The ACA, Unions, Minimum wage, Labor Board, Workman’s Comp. Democrats are often the main thing standing between common Americans and the horrors of complete free market rule.

Public Speaking: Seriously, watch JFK, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama. Almost every time they opened their mouths in public, they said inspirational, soaring, empathetic, inclusive, hopeful things. How about when our current president opens his mouth? Don’t you just flinch and suck air between your teeth and wait for him to embarrass the whole country? George W. Bush was better but only because he took coaching.

Values: At the core of Democratic beliefs are the values of taking care of each other, helping those who are vulnerable and using government for the public good. Dems don’t just pay lip service to core American values like equal treatment under the law, individual freedom, the right to choose your own path in life, that America is a nation of immigrants. They enact those beliefs into law and policies that make them possible for more people.

And the best thing about Democrats is they believe in us even when we give up on them. They keep speaking to the angels of our better natures and hoping we’ll answer in kind.

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