How the Left Can Keep From Tearing Itself Apart This Time

No one needs to remind left-leaning people what’s at stake so I won’t go into the horrors of the current Republican administration. But like many long-term activists, I’ve seen the GOP get ahead because the left can’t stop splitting itself into increasingly narrow and irrelevant factions. (From Monty Python’s Life of Brian: “We’re not the Judean People’s Front. We’re the People’s Front of Judea!” “Where is the Popular Front?” “He’s over there.”)

Here’s my ten-point plan for hanging together so we do not hang separately.

  1. Stop re-fighting the 2016 Democratic primaries. No one knows what would have happened if… Consider what the GOP candidates did to each other yet they came together in the end to get and stay in power.
  2. Don’t help the right succeed at splitting us. It’s infuriating that all the efforts on the part of conservatives and the Putin propaganda machine to discredit Hillary and the Democrats worked to a great degree. Putin has been busy undermining democracies all over the world–let’s not be among his success stories. Question everything you hear about the people you traditionally support because those propaganda bots are still running twenty-four seven.
  3. Focus on policies and laws rather than personalities and ideologies. What are the most important values to you? Which party reflects those values when they create policies or pass laws? Which party violates those values by their governance?
  4. Let go of the alluring myth that a multi-party system will save us. No matter how political parties are structured the world over, people tend to fall into two basic belief systems: conservative (or strict father values), or liberal (nurturant parent values). If blue voters splinter into more parties, they’ll only be fighting for the same pool of voters and the GOP will be in power for decades.
  5. Knock it off with the ideological purity tests. Just because a candidate or a Congressperson isn’t doing everything exactly as you’d like doesn’t mean you have to refuse to have anything to do with them.
  6. Resist the temptation to blow off all this participatory democracy stuff and start smashing windows. Many on the left have a natural inclination toward being anti-establishment. But not all of the establishment is bad. Someone is going to be in power; it’s up to we the people to make sure those who run the government are good guys and gals, and not bad ones.
  7. Stop blaming the Democrats for losing and start helping them win. Focus on strategy the way the Republicans do. The GOP are better at marketing their ideology, communicating their values in ways people can understand and at organizing at every level of government. How can you help the Democrats win? Or join the party and run yourself, getting your own values out there in the best way possible?
  8. Resist all pressure to move too far to the center or to the left. Progressive/liberal values are where most of us live and work and are the most viable for this mainstream movement.
  9. Learn the lessons of the now-irrelevant Occupy Wall Street movement. Occupy galvanized populist fervor against big money in government, but they had no follow-up plan and they had no strong foundation grounded in values. Just being against something isn’t enough to create change. At some point, you’ve got to pack up the sleeping bags, organize, and vote. (I’ll point out that the five justices that supported Citizen’s United, the decision that radically changed how much money is allowed in politics by granting corporations ‘personhood,’ were all appointed by presidents with ‘R’s’ after their names.)
  10. Stop saying it doesn’t make any difference which party is in power. Say this to my face and I’m going to start reciting all the ways in which the country changes for the better when the Democrats are in power (and by country I mean the majority of its citizens). I’ll start with the huge losses since Trump took office just six weeks ago. Then I’ll review what happened when we insanely gave the House back to the GOP in 2010, just two years after putting the Democrats in charge to fix the mess the Bush/Halliburton administration had made of the country. The Democrats haven’t been perfect and have made some regrettable mistakes, mostly by compromising and moving to the center. But nothing they’ve done can compare to what the Republicans do every time they get in power.

If you believe government should be there to foster freedoms for everyone instead of just for the very wealthy, if you value a humane, sustainable world, if you call yourself left-leaning, liberal, progressive, humanist, socialist, hippie, remember; we have more in common than we have differences. Let’s focus on our shared values and not sacrifice them to in-fighting. This time, don’t give the right the satisfaction of seeing the left do their dirty work for them.

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